Meet Our Denturists

It takes 17 muscles to smile, but only one extraordinary Denturist to create the perfect smile.

Our Denturist Olga Haletskaia DD, believes that top quality Dentures is only the beginning! She believes every clients appearance, ability to eat and restoring their confidence is the focus! Every individual is unique. Olga, will create a custom appliance that will fit the need for style and function for every client. The structures she replaces are important, but not as important as her many delighted customers.

Olga Haletskaia DD is proud to have the opportunity to change smiles for nearly 20 years. Her experience consists of advanced clinical techniques as well as many efforts and contributions to the field of Denturism. Olga was peer nominated to work with the College of Denturism of Ontario to set the national guidelines and regulations. In addition to her contributions to the CDO, Olga successfully founded and established accreditation for the Denturism Program for Trillium College and later for Oxford College.

Olga looks forward to meeting and working with you!


With 11 years of experience as a licensed denturist, Sergey brings a level of premium quality to a whole new high. Sergey has a background in fine arts and a passion for creating comfortable and beautiful smiles. Sergey comes from a family of Denturists.

Sergey believes providing superior customer service is the first step to establishing a successful denture clinic.

His goal is to develop a reputation of excellence for creating smiles. He is passionate about dentures and will work with you to achieve results that will improve your confidence and dental health.

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