1 Hour Denture Repairs Are Available.

1 Hour Denture Repairs are available! Customers are extremely happy with the speed and quality of their Denture repair. The Consultation is FREE! Call us today for an appointment.
(416) 834-1756


” I have a full upper denture, it had
cracked months ago. Not having benefits for a while, I resorted in repairing it myself with Crazy glue and Gorilla glue. Well last night it fınally snapped in half. I did a Google search this morning, came across Wellness Denture, called and booked an appointment, in the morning and on a Saturday (same day – great service). I drove down, Olga took my broken denture, cleaned it up and also reinforced it. All I can say is Wow, what a great job with the repair and cleaning, thank you very much. I have teeth again and can also eat! I know where I am going to get a new one made. 5 Star & highly recommended.”

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